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Me, I guess. I haven't filled in this section because I wasn't really too sure what to put in it. So I guess the bare bones will suffice.

I am in my 30s and live in a little village just outside London in England, I work in another little village that is further away from London, the idea of a tube commute is something I don't enjoy thinking about, so I don't do it! I am English, although after living in Spain for most of my life and feeling that that too is home, I prefer to think of myself as being European. My Mother still lives out there and I spend as much of my holiday as is concivably possible out there.

G, as I refer to him here, and I live together and got engaged a few Summers ago, there are no wedding plans in the works, mainly because the idea of organising it scares the pants off me. G is a primary school teacher, his retraining took place a few years ago in what I term, the year of hell in the grotty flat. Needless to say we don't live there anymore, thank goodness!

As to what this blog is about, well me really and my day to day life. The things I am up to, the things I am doing. I enjoy reading, hence the list on the left and I am attempting to become a crafty/arty sort of person. After years of my family telling me I wasn't I am beginning to find my niche. I papercraft, have started knitting and am thinking about a few other things too. There are a number of blogs that have inspired me to start thinking of things in different ways so, we shall see how that goes.

Think that is about it.

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